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Apple pressing

Welcome autumn 2019!

Do you have apples and dont want them to go to waste? Bring them to us and we will turn them into delicious juice.

We are open for appointment through the website from early September. We do not "drop in", all appointments are binding.

Summer Apples is not well suited for juice, overripe fruit will be sorted out and rejected.

The fruit must be clean and not rotten. Impact damage goes just fine. The juice is best if the apples are ripe.

Overripe apples give a tame, sweet juice. Immature apples provides direct sour juice.

Our experience is that the juice will be sweeter than you expect.


Amount and yield
You need at minimum 60 kg of apples. If you have less, try to go with neighbors or others. You get about 60-70% of the apple's weight back in juice.

How long time will this take?
We can press up 150 kg in 20 minimuts. Do you have more than 150kg must reserve additional time.

It will take about 30 minuts from you come til you leave with the juice, at 60-150 kg apples. You see the whole process and get your own juice, finished pasteurized when you go.


We only use 5 liter bag in box.


Price and reservation
Kr 135, - per 5 liter can, everything included. Pressing, pasteurization, packaging and VAT. A box represents about 8 kg apples.

Do you have more than 500kg please contact us by phone or email.