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The farm Øvre Ringi is very old!

At first the name of this farm was Ringvin, and names ending with -vin, originate form before the Viking Period. However Ringi is way older than that, as proved by the discovery of equipment and tools from the Stone Age on our land.

Both Øvre and Nedre Ringi have been mentioned in writings from the 14th century. Ringi had produced a lot of lime for centuries, and at Akerhus fortress there are invoices showing that the fortress bought lime from Ringi when it was built , around the year 1290.

Jon Ø. Ringi's forefather Søren bought both Øvre and Nedre Ringi in 1661, and gave one farm to each of his oldest sons. Since then Øvre Ringi has passed on from father to son. Jon is the 10th generation, and Hans Erik will be the 11th.

Øvre Ringi has been a conventional farm at Østlandet (the eastern part of southern Norway), with livestock, different cereals, potatoes and fruit. When Charlotta arrived at the farm in 1985, cereals constituted the main income, with potatoes and apples as well. That very summer we started growing pick-your-own maize.

In 1995 we bought our first apple press, so that private customers could bring their own apples and have them squeezed to apple juice at Ringi. We also had pick-your-own apples in our orchard, and made our own apple juice, pasteurizing it in the farm kitchen.

The autum of 1998 was cold and wet. Maybe people would like to buy the apples in a bottle instead of picking them from the trees? The first 1000 bottles of apple juice were squeezed at the old apple press and pasteurized.

The year 2001 we were the pioneers, introducing apple juice as an alernative to alcoholic beverage in Norway. We use clear wine bottles for the juice, which was accepted into Vinmonopolet's range of products in 2010.

We have slowly grown to where we are today. We bought new apple presses, and the first press is no longer in use, exept for demonstrations. The produktion is divided in two - privat customers having their own apples pressed to juice, and the production of bottles for sale. The whole production is still carried out at Øvre Ringi, in the original farm buildings.

The aim was once to have enough work for both Jon and Charlotta to work full time at the farm. Now Hans Erik is also employed, and in addition we have several other employees, most of them in fall, naturally. We have an international workforce with people form Norway, Sweden, Poland, the Phipippines, Germany and Peru.